November 2, 2015

Gospel Seed - Growing (1977)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password: BKM2015

01. The Singer’s Song
02. The Fool
03. Salvador
04. Top Ten
05. To The Father
06. Lines
07. A Colorful Little Tune
08. The Vow
09. Count The Cost
10. The Last Song We Ever Sing



  1. The file downloads but the files are corrupt. Is there anyway to repost this album. It's great! Thanks

    1. Please unRar/unZip file with password posted..

      I downloaded file with no problem.
      Unrar with password posted here. no problems.
      Now i'm listening to them with no problems.

    2. This is the only file that when I download it and unZip it there is no prompt for the password. When it unzips the files are in the folder but show 0 bytes for each. It's weird. This is the only file doing this to me. I'm using Breezip to unzip it. I might try to download another unzipping program.
      Thanks so much for your help!

  2. I fixed my problem. I had to use the program "7Z Opener" from the microsoft store and it worked! ("Bree Zip" did not work)
    Sorry to pester you about this, thanks again for responding!

    1. Not an problem.. glad you got to work..


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