May 3, 2016

Harvest - Never Thirst Again (1976)

Genre: Jesus Music Era / Country Rock
Password: BKM2016

01 Never Thrist Again
02 Let Your Sun Shine
03 Rich Man, Poor Man
04 Thinkin’ Back
05 What Is Justice
06 Oh Sweet Jesus
07 Pointin’ My Finger
08 You Just Can’t Lose
09 Raise Your Voice
10 They Don’t Know



  1. Hello, I served as producer for this Harvest album in 1976 and I was recently thinking about them. One lyric Edison sang was from a favorite passage in Micah 6:8. Hope everyone is well!
    Blessings, Al Perkins

    1. I knew you produced it but also noticed you are not credited with contributing any pedal steel. Did Matt Ala play all the steel parts? Absolutely loved this album. Bought it in June of 1978 at Peter and Paul bookstore at the Redbird Mall in Dallas Texas, my, my how the time has flown. I have followed your own career for nearly 50 years myself. Thank you for your tremendous contribution to Jesus Music, it would not be the same without you.


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