July 30, 2016

Seth - S/T (1974)

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: BKM2016

  1. Seth - The Love He Displayed (4:13)
  2. Seth - Thanks All Day Long (4:31)
  3. Seth - The Anniversary (3:51)
  4. Seth - Reflections (4:29)
  5. Seth - Until I Found The Lord (4:41)
  6. Seth - The Light (3:03)
  7. Seth - Help The Man (8:24)
  8. Seth - Before We Leave (Bonus Track) (2:39)


  1. Here's a text file for this LP:

    SETH - Seth (Shalom S-122) 1974 MP3@128

    Seth strikes me as sort of a Christian version of The Carpenters. Jonathan David Brown’s keyboards, song-writing and production frequently come close to duplicating their sound while Debbie Newell’s vocals strike more than a passing resemblance to Karen. Dripping with strings and horns, Seth can at times be dreadfully mellow. Yet there’s often a catchy hook in their mix of folky pop, MOR pop, light-hearted country pop and jazzy pop – if you’re gonna make that kind of a record, well, I suppose this is the way to do it. They even have their artsy moments, most notably the closing 8-minute ballad ‘Help The Man’ which has a good electric guitar climax and fadeout. Horn section by “Odyssey”. Wild psychedelic cover art exploding with color.
    (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

    01. The Love He Displayed (4:13)
    02. Thanks All Day Long (4:31)
    03. The Anniversary (3:51)
    04. Reflections (4:29)
    05. Until I Found The Lord (4:41)
    06. The Light (3:03)
    07. Help The Man (8:24)
    08. Before We Leave (Bonus Track) (2:39)

    Keith Edwards - Drums, percussion
    Debbie Newell - vocals
    David Hines - bass, backing vocals
    Jonathan David Brown - keyboards, guitars, vocals
    Rherda Edwards - vocals. percussion

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