November 16, 2022

Ralph Carmichael and the Young People - Our Back Porch LP (1970)

Genre: Jesus Music Era

New Link posted 11/16/22


01-Our Front Porch
02-Smiling At Rainstorms (Psalm 59)           
03-Bright New World           
04-Trust Me Now (Psalm 37)           
05-Reach Out To Jesus           
06-Dressing Up Jesus           
08-We're Not Going To Make It Together           
09-The Flower Shoppe           
10-I've Got Confidence



  1. KJ, sorry I screwed up the title of the LP
    in my response to Wolfgang's request, it's my Front Porch not Back Porch, you can correct it here for me

  2. Thank you very much. This blog is an endless treasury for me. My favorites are Daniel Amos, Mark Heard, Larry Norman, Michael Knott and Larry Norman and I generally love old Jesus Music, old southern gospel and a lot of music from the eighties. This kind of music has such a soothing and encouraging quality for me in these times that are sometimes not so easy.

    Thank you so much for your work and also thanks to wcpaek for ressponding to my request. This here is my favorite blog.


  3. The download link is bad. Thx KJ

  4. Ralph Carmichael and his wife were involved in TV / Radio ministry in S. California and both recorded on the Sacred label for many years. He was primarily an arranger and worked with alot of other artists and gospel groups eventually making the move to Word records where he's noted for helping to build the young people's chorus - folk sound of the early seventies that coincided with the Jesus Revolution in that decade

  5. I love all the tracks you shared in this blog post but from my point of view "Reach Out To Jesus " is the best song from all of them. I also want to share my favorite song with you and which is "Majesty" by Rick Riso / Kathy Riso - Jack Hayford.


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