October 3, 2016

Shadowfox - Power (1988)

Genre: CCM Melodic Hard Rock
Bitrate: 224k CBR
Password:  2016

  1. Shadowfox - Heart of darkness (6:37)
  2. Shadowfox - Time for a change (3:43)
  3. Shadowfox - In my sleep (4:58)
  4. Shadowfox - Chase my blues away (5:20)
  5. Shadowfox - Why hate god (4:27)
  6. Shadowfox - Save the world (4:47)
  7. Shadowfox - Crossin the line (3:44)
  8. Shadowfox - Paradise (6:16)
  9. Shadowfox - Tears in the rain (6:15)
  10. Shadowfox - Not tonight (5:53)
  11. Shadowfox - Devil on Mtv (4:04)
  12. Shadowfox - Heads you win (6:28)
  13. Shadowfox - Sing me a song (6:54)
  14. Shadowfox - Dream (0:13)


  1. I love this I use to have the cd my daughter got it from one of the band members daughter... would love to have another copy it is great...I alls went and listened to them live at the bar in Duke Center called Dicks bar you guys rock love you.

  2. shadowfox power cd rocks wish I still had it.

  3. Wow! Where did this album come from??? The vocals are fantastic with a Glenn Kaiser / Seven Mary Three vibe, yet unique and memorable. I cannot find ANY info on this album from anywhere outside of this blog. I cannot believe it wasn't mass produced and widely available. This is definitely in 1 of the top 5 albums I have discovered on this blog that caused me to stop everything, crank up the volume, and then Google search for more. As always, thx for sharing KJ!

  4. Pleas Password


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