November 12, 2016

Mindspin Original Lyrics 1996

Here are the words to song i wrote back in 1996

You get the Music on my tune page..  I should start back making more music. Since it's been a real long time.. Will see. When i get the time to do some..

Moved my artworks to blogspot: Click Here

I've been busy uploading more artworks i have done over the many many years.. and will cont. to do more. I got about 75 or so posted .. so, far...

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Admin's Corner

I like drawing.I enjoy it.If you don't like what you see.Keep your comments to yourself(Exclusive Music). I will cont. to post my art and music. This i enjoy.Reading rude comment. Not so much.. 


  1. I discovered this, over a year after you posted it. I like it! You should definitely make more music! Keep it up, mate! God bless!


Note: All rude comments are deleted...