December 6, 2016

God Unlimited - And We Will Sing Your Praise (1975)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2016

  1. God Unlimited - And We Will Sing Your Praise (3:20)
  2. God Unlimited - Open Thou My Lips (2:25)
  3. God Unlimited - Medley-Glory To The King-Greensleeves (5:02)
  4. God Unlimited - Lamp Unto My Feet (2:52)
  5. God Unlimited - Living Bells (2:59)
  6. God Unlimited - Seek Ye First (3:02)
  7. God Unlimited - Shalom Aleichem (2:11)
  8. God Unlimited - Alleluia Praise (2:43)
  9. God Unlimited - Set Our Spirit Free (3:02)
  10. God Unlimited - Solm 139 (4:53)
  11. God Unlimited - Medley; Were You There & He Is Lord (3:42)


  1. Thanks KJ.
    I have this LP but nice to now have a CDr of it too.
    Here's a text file for it.

    God Unlimited ‎– And We Will Sing Your Praise (GU-3) 1975

    The best of their final albums, settling into a subtle mellow acoustic folk/praise sound with soft billowy harmonies. Not nearly as cutting edge as they once were and the former electric garage angles are now completely gone, but I still love them dearly. Touched here and there with recorder, flute, harpsichord, harmonica, piano and electric piano. Member Beth Prout becomes an additional songwriter for the group, contributing four original numbers, including the beautiful ballad 'Shalom Aleichem'. Includes covers of Karen
    Lafferty's 'Seek Ye First' and a medley of 'Were You There' and 'He Is Lord'.
    (Ken Scott.. the Archivist)

    01. And We Will Sing Your Praise (3:20) (T. Belt)
    02. Open Thou My Lips (2:25) (B. Prout)
    03. Medley-Glory To The King-Greensleeves (5:02) (T. Belt-Traditional)
    04. Lamp Unto My Feet (2:52) (B. Prout)
    05. Living Bells (2:59) (Traditional)
    06. Seek Ye First (3:02) (K. Lafferty)
    07. Shalom Aleichem (2:11) (B. Prout)
    08. Alleluia Praise (2:43) (T. Belt)
    09. Set Our Spirit Free (3:02) (T. Belt)
    10. Solm 139 (4:53) (B. Prout)
    11. Medley; Were You There & He Is Lord (3:42) (Traditional)

    Members include:
    Tom Belt, Betsy Belt, Robbie Bethancourt, Cindy Bethancourt, Ralph Bethancourt,Bobbi Garner, Lori Ravenscroft, Beth Prout, Todd Sorenson, Joseph Geare, David Roseberry Krupp and Kay Manship

    Recorded in Scottsdale Arizona

  2. Thank you for finding and posting this. I'm glad someone else is interested in them too. I'm working at getting them all. Have a little over half. They put out some good music.


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