December 25, 2017

Music News: Dec 25 2017

Any Mad At The World Fans out there??   If so, They just release an new album "Hope"

I Just bought my copy at .. Get Yours HERE

Track List:
01 - Healing on Planet Earth
02 - My Old Best Friend
03 - You Are Free
04 - Moving in and Moving Out
05 - Never Gonna Stop
06 - Can You Feel My Pain
07 - That's What He Said
08 - Just Beyond the Clouds of Grey
09 - Break Me Down
10 - You Belong to Me

The last MATW album was 1998 .. This is an AWESOME album .. Love'n it.. 

Review from CD Baby

Mad at the World would like to thank some special people that without them, this project literally would not have been possible
First God , I thank you for adopting me , for your inspiration , and guidance ,your patience , and your never ending Love !
And to these special supporters :
Adel Meisenheimer , Frank Rossi , Kevin Schumm
and two anonymous guests that will remain nameless .
And to every one else who supported this project in any way past , and present. Thank you so much !
Art work is provided by  Josh Spencer ,  Check out his cool Bookstore at

Produced by Roger Rose
Mastered by Randy Rose at Rose Studios
All songs written by Roger Rose except :
Moving in and Moving out , and Just Beyond the clouds of grey
Written by Randy Rose
Thanks to Matt ( Keyboards ) , and Kit Bovett (Drum Programming )  for Co-writing the song “My old Best friend “ Great job !
Thanks to Jason Ames : for perfect lyrics on the song “ Can you feel my Pain “

From Roger Rose :

Thank you to my Precious daughters Mary and Abby Rose . You are perfect !
To my Dad Les, and my Mom Hope .
To all members of MATW past and present for so many amazing memories:
Randy Rose, Mike Pendelton , Brent Gordon , Ben Jacobs , and Mike Link
Ray Rose played Bass on “Break me Down”
Thanks to everyone from the original Frontline records crew : Jimmy Kempner , Brian Tong , and Michael McLane, and the rest…
Thank you Randy Rose for never giving up on encouraging us to do another MATW Album.
The message of this album  was intentionally  repeated over and over on several songs, and it is this :
You are Loved , You are forgiven , You are free , and Satan is a liar .

From Randy Rose :
I would like to thank these important people Mom, and Dad you always believed in us, thank you for loving, and showing us what God’s wonderful love was all about - Leesa Beth Rose - I love you way to much, I bet you think this song is about you - Randy Jr, Noel, and Scottie my precious babies - what an honor to raise you guys , I love you, Ray and Cathy Rose the best big brother and sister a kid could ever have,  Roger Rose for trusting me enough to take this leap of faith into the arms of Hope, Danny Rose - my best friend, and sound consultant, a special thank you to all of our fans for 25 plus years of support,  you have kept the light on for a long time, and we noticed, we love you guys - The members of MATW/ROSE Mike Pendelton, Brent Gordon, Mike Link, and Ben Jacobs thank you guys, and of course the one true living. God Jesus Christ - you have given me more than I can unpack in a lifetime, your heart is so precious, I have never known love like yours, thank you God.

This Album is another Hindenburg Records release Rose Studios would like to thank Bill Skibbe at Skibbe Electronics, and Pete Montessi at A-Designs Audio/Eletrodyne/Petes Place,  Mike at Harrison Consoles - We love our Mixbus 32C, Warm Audio, C&C drums, Universal Audio, Snareweight,  and Spectra Sonics.

see you on the other side...


  1. Maravilhoso, a gratidão é a melhor coisa que existe. Sempre ensinei isso para minha filha !!!


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