May 6, 2021

Megamouth 2 - The Great Stakeboard Adventure (1988)


Here it is.. Rare & Out Of Print..

Source: DirectTAPE 24bit 48khz


-Side A-
Megamouth Theme     
You're One In A Million     
We're Bad, That's Good, and We're Ugly (Viper's Theme)     
Quantized (Be a Good Sport)     
Practice Makes Gnarly (Spinner's Song)     
Viper's Theme Part 2 (Megamouth's Answer)     

-Side B-
Ready, Steady, Go     
Tubin' It     
Getting Vertical (By Trustin' The Lord)

Time&Titles in text file (note: I only did side B for times..As side "A" has no breaks.Take too long to find when track starts & end.)



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