October 19, 2021

Christian Hardcore Volume 1

 Christian Rock/Hardcore/Punk Rock

Way too many tracks for me to separate on this tape.. So, I left it as one big track.. Enjoy!

Year unknown.. 80's or 90's?

Side 1:

    Undercover – God Rules
    Bad Brains – Destroy Babylon
    Bad Brains – Coptic Times
    Bad Brains – Joshua’s Song
    Scaterd Few – Death (live)
    Scaterd Few – Untitled (live)
    Scaterd Few – D.I.T.C. (live)
    Scaterd Few – God is Right (live)
    Scaterd Few – P.T.T.C.P. (live)
    Scaterd Few – Gave Us Life (live)
    Scaterd Few – Anti-Ape (live)
    Scaterd Few – Scapegoat (live)
    AOTC – AOTC (live)
    AOTC – In the Silence (live)
    AOTC – Legalized Christian (live)
    AOTC – The World (live)
    AOTC – Free (live)
    AOTC – Down to Earth (live)
    AOTC – No Religion (live)
    Circle One – Social Climbing Leeches
    Circle One – Beware
    Circle One – Gospel

Side 2:

    Circle One – Our Sword
    The FI – Being a Christian (live)
    The FI – Surf Instrumental (live)
    The FI – I’ve Got Better Things to Do (live)
    The FI – I’m Bored (live)
    The FI – Owl Oppression (live)
    The FI – Only One Way (live)
    The FI – King Jesus (live)
    The FI – National Defense (live)
    GVA – The Christ (live)
    GVA – God is My Rock (live)
    GVA – No More (live)
    GVA – Thank You (live)
    GVA – Amazing Grace (live)
    Undercover – Wait a Minute (live)
    Undercover – I’ll Be a Fool
    Undercover – Who Am I? (live)
    Undercover – Where Can I Go (live)
    Undercover – Pilate (live)




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