April 7, 2014

Mark Hawkins – The Walk (199?)

Found this the other day.Can’t find any info on this.Christian rock/soft rock.Great stuff.Way out of print,very hard to find.Tape to MP3.

01-Don’t Turn Out Your Light (3:20)
02-Channel Your Love (3:22)
03-Down On My Knees (3:11)
04-Master Composer (3:21)
05-Seed Your Faith (2:50)
06-Air Born (3:29)
07-Run From the Border (3:54)
08-The Walk (4:12)
09-Be Not Afraid (4:27)
10-Looking Glass (3:57)
11-Forgive or Forget (2:50)

Download: -CLICK HERE-

New Link Added 1/26/2014


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