April 7, 2014

V*Enna - Where I Wanna Be (2000)

V*Enna was a Christian Pop/Dance duo made up of members Lucy Britten & Sharnessa Shelton. The group was formed by Mark Pennells and Zarc Porter previously from the World Wide Message Tribe as a response to pop stars such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.V*Enna scored three hit singles on Christian radio: "Where I Wanna Be" (No. 6, 2000), "All the Way to Heaven" (No. , 2000), and "Do You Wanna Know?" (No. 15, 2001). Since Britten left before the final concert, the last V*Enna concerts in September 2001, were continued by Bessie Jean Sopeland and Shelton. They disbanded in 2001.

Gene: Christian Pop
Bitrate: 128k (best i could find)


  1. "Where I Wanna Be"
  2. "Make That Noize" featuring J'Marc of Raze
  3. "Do You Wanna Know?"
  4. "Sometimes"
  5. "Why Did I Let You Go?"
  6. "Sunshine and Rain"
  7. "Best Friends"
  8. "Hold On"
  9. "Don't Stop"
  10. "All the Way to Heaven"
  11. "Don't Get Left Behind"

Download: ~~ CLiCK HERE ~~


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