August 15, 2014

Apostle - Apostle [4 Track Demo] 1984

Country: United States
Genre: Power Metal

Password: 2014

1. Overcomer
2. The Teacher
3. The Light
4. He's The Power

Matt Harding - All vocals and guitars
Bill Box - Drums
Dave Lawson - Bass, vocals

Recorded and mixed at the Cypress Recording Studio in Jacksonville, Florida.
Mixed by Dru Lumbar.
Produced by Apostle.
All selections by Apostle.
Special thanks: Jesus Christ, David Spires, Mark Borrero, Lolak Screen Art, WNCM FM88.1, Wiley and Jeana Tomlinson, Jim Knight, David O. , FCCM, Rick Smith, Joe Robinson, Cliff Willis, Bob Hay, John Roush, our wives, Vision, Mike Koch, Rom. 10: 9 & 10.
Matt uses Kramer & Strat guitars with Foyd Rose vibrato, Marshall amps, Boss effects
Dave uses Hamer basses, Peavey amps, Cerwin Vega/Road
Bill uses Tama Imperial Star drums and Paiste cymbals,
Apostle uses Samson wireless.
Manufactured at the Warehouse Studio in Jacksonville, Florida.



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