August 4, 2014

Barren Cross (US) - Live in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany (8/4-1990)

Band: Barren Cross
Country: U.S.A.(Los Angeles,CA)
Genre: Heavy/Xian Metal
Release: Audience live bootleg
City: Schwäbisch Hall (Germany)
Date: 1990-04-08 (8 April 1990)
Bitrate: MP3 320 kbps

Subsequent to lead singer Michael Lee (also known as Michael Drive)
pursuing another project (becoming writer and lead vocalist for the band "Bare Bones"),
vocalist Vincent Van Voltenburg(aka Vin Van Volt) of the Christian Metal band
"Full Armor" was introduced as the new lead singer and took the reins for all live
performances during the 1990 "State of Control World Tour" which included sold out
shows in Ireland, Germany, Austria and the U.S.

Soon after the 1990 World Tour ended the new line up with Ray Parris (Guitar),
Jim LaVerde (Bass), Vin Van Volt (vocals) and David LaVai (drums) was to begin writing
for the next record which might have included at least a Vin Van Volt song called
"Pain Reliever".

The song was well received by audiences on the State of Control tour but the record with
this new line up would never materialize and Barren Cross went on hiatus until their last
full-length release (to date) "Rattle Your Cage" which was released on Rugged Records in 1994
with all of the original members of Barren Cross.

Please note that the gig is divided into two big files due to the end of original tape
Not split it into single tracks,enjoy it!!!

A funny report of Barren Cross gigs in Ireland back in 1990 can be found here:

Line up:
Vince Van Voltenburg(aka Vin Van Volt) - lead vocals
Ray Parris  - guitars
Jim LaVerde - bass
David LaVai - drums

Part 1:
Dying Day
Love at Full Volume
Rock For The King
State Of Control
King Of Kings
Cultic Regimes
He Loves You
Cryin' Over You/Worship/Cryin' Over you(reprise)
Drum Solo/Worship

Part 2 :
Drum Solo/Worship
Pain Reliever(unreleased song)
Dead Lock
Stage Of Intensity
Jam Improvisation/Guitar Solo
Give Your Life(To Jesus)
Drum Solo
Out Of Time
Encore: Imaginary Music

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