August 6, 2014

Resolution - Politically Incorrect (1994)

Resolution hit hard with their 1994 N*Soul Records debut album Politically Incorrect. Mixing provocatively conservative politics with the sounds of alternative dance/pop, Resolution were welcomed by alternative college radio stations looking for something fresh and challenging to play.

Resolution's cover versions of Larry Norman's "Watch What You're Doing" and Squeeze's tune "Tempted" became an instant success whilst the New-Order-ish "Price Of Love" found a home with both the alternative and club programs.

Approaching the issues of today full on in such an outrageously political way brought comparison by some to U2's Zoo TV world tour, with its use of sound bites and video slogans to drive home the bands messages.

This is one of my favorite album of all time..

Gene: Electronica
Bitrate: VBR 320

Track List:

Resolution - Sympathy For The Left Wing (4:10)
Resolution - Another Solution (3:27)
Resolution - Politically Incorrect (4:25)
Resolution - Tempted (4:06)
Resolution - Watch What You're Doing (3:06)
Resolution - The Price Of Love (4:06)
Resolution - Ditto Heads (4:14)
Resolution - Light And The Perfections (3:41)
Resolution - Psalm 91 (5:14)
Resolution - 10 - Resolution - (4:1

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