April 4, 2021

Holy Fuzz - VA(Compilation) 1998

Genre: Jesus Music Er
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Great compilation of late '60's and early '70's Christian rock/psych/garage ranging from album tracks by well known groups like Agape, Search Party and All Saved Freak Band to singles by more obscure groups such as Concrete Rubber Band and Stonewood Cross; extremely high level of musical quality throughout, with varying degrees of fuzzed up guitar solos on all tracks; there's a message there for those who need it but otherwise this is just great listening; fantastic Psychedelic Moses cover art. Ken Scott review from his excellent spiral-bound Archivist (Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music, 1965-1980): All the songs on this album were specifically chosen for their guitar content some of it mellow and subtle, and some of it mind frying heavy fuzz. For the budget-minded here's you chance to sample tracks from rare pricey albums by Concrete Rubber Band and The Search Party, plus Agape, Exkursions, The Bridge, All Saved Freak Band, and Way International outfits Selah and Pressed Down Shaken Together & Rolling Over. And if you've already got all those theres a 1967 pre-Agape song (In The Light) and the six-minute stunner Magic Man from the elusive Stonewood Cross single (man, if those guys had only cut an album yeow!). Neat b&w cover art with Fillmore-styled psych lettering.

1. The Exkursions - It's Been Sent Down
2. Selha - Romans
3. The Bridge - Jesus
4. The Search Party - The News Is You
5. Pre-Agape - In The Light
6. Stonewood Cross - Majic Man
7. All Saved Freak Band - All Across The Nation
8. The Search Party - You And I
9. The Exkursions - Dry Ground
10. The Concrete Rubber Band - Christian
11. Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over - Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over.
12. Agape - Rejoice

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