August 16, 2018

Looking Up - Battle the Darkness (2006)

Link fixed 8-16-18
Bitrate: VBR V0 HQ 256k
Password: 2014
Gene: Christian Rock
Year: 2006
Location: Michigan (USA) 

Other Albums WANTED:

-Revolving Door(2003)
-Live Jesus Loud(2010)


Note: Found this CD today local shop. Very good album

God inspired and guitar driven, Battle the Darkness is, in a word, REAL. Looking Up’s latest release is a rock-n-roll journey to hope and awareness. The theme of Battle the Darkness is to remind us all that we are in a real fight; a struggle that is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual powers and principalities. The devil, is real. Our sinful nature is real. Jesus is definitely real. Hope is ours and victory is real. Battle the Darkness is a fresh wake up call with exceptional guitar riffs, relevant lyrics and a gospel message that cannot be misunderstood. Third Day and Petra fans will love Battle the Darkness.

  1. Looking Up - Devil on Your Shoulder (4:43)
  2. Looking Up - I Know This Is Real (4:55)
  3. Looking Up - Another Day (4:38)
  4. Looking Up - Shape Me (3:57)
  5. Looking Up - Battle the Darkness (3:39)
  6. Looking Up - This Gospel Is Not for Sale (3:37)
  7. Looking Up - Armor of God (3:02)
  8. Looking Up - Full Throttle (2:53)
  9. Looking Up - Jesus Loves You (2:45)
  10. Looking Up - White Horse (4:43)


  1. The link for Looking Up - Battle the Darkness is not working. Wondered if you could fix it? God Bless! Love your blog!


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