August 30, 2018

In 3D - No Glasses Needed (1985)

Genre: Christian Rock
Password: 2015
Bitrate: 320K CBR

Tested file.. 83018 unrar problems

  1. In 3D - Livin' In the Real World (3:43)
  2. In 3D - NEUROTICA (0:24)
  3. In 3D - JUST ONE QUESTION (3:03)
  4. In 3D - Can't Stop (3:16)
  5. In 3D - PLEASE NO (4:14)
  6. In 3D - LOOKIN' TO YOU (3:33)
  7. In 3D - Under My Umbrella (3:55)
  8. In 3D - It's Up To You (2:39)
  9. In 3D - Memories Of a Man (3:22)
  10. In 3D - Never Again (4:01)
  11. In 3D - Goin' On (3:58)
  12. In 3D - Exit 47 (1:04)


  1. Thank you for attempting to share this album. The DL link goes to the MediaFire page, but my attempts to DL the .rar compressed folder shows as an empty folder. But it also states the folder size is 92.45 MB.

  2. This is one of the best albums of it's time! I LOVE this band. Wish I had their 2nd album.

    1. Hey Gregg!

      Agreed, very underrated band and this album is a hallmark of that period for me. Their 2nd album, Barrage, is also very good, although for me it doesn't quite get to the same level as the debut.

      But you can find Barrage here:

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  10. Ok, now it's my fav album, thank you!

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