January 4, 2021

Metal Meltdown (1989.Various Artists.Christian Metal)

Year: 1989
Bitrate: 192k

Password: 2021

Songs & Interviews.Super Rare Out Of Print CD/Tape


Scarlet Red
One Bad Pig
Rosanna's Raiders



  1. If anyone wants to add in more details to the mp3's.

    Thanks to the original uploader, kingjeste for supplying the raw files, but we can't expect him to do everything, can we?

    Side A - American bands
    Side B - European/Australian bands

    Host Ken Farley (?) introduce bands and interview clips in each album track.
    The interview clips happen more than once in a track, so usually only listed once to save space.

    59 minutes 55 seconds

    1. Whitecross (USA) - When The Walls Tumble Down', gtr-Rex Caroll, Walk With Me, Because of Jesus (5:59)
    2. Scarlet Red (USA) - Don't Dance With Danger, vox-Danis, Cry Out (6:17)
    3. Tempest (USA) - True Love, gtr-Mick Rowe, Rock for the Light, Goodbye (5:53)
    4. Bride (USA) - vox-Dale Thompson, In the Dark, Live or Die, Heroes (5:25)
    5. One Bad Pig (USA) - Let's Be Frank, gtr-Paul Q-Pek, People Cry Out, Smash The Guitar (6:43)

    6. Jerusalem (Sweden) - Plunder Hell and Populate Heaven, gtr-Ulf Christiansson, We're Gonna Take Europe, Dancing on the Head of the Serpent (6:00)

    7. Leviticus, + Björn Stigsson (Sweden) - Leviticus - gtr-Björn Stigsson, Get Up, I'm a Believer, vox-Peo Pettersson, Saved, Björn Stigsson-Way Of Living-Lovin' My Woman-Come On (9:58)

    8. Lightforce (Australia) - Metal Missionary, bass-Steve Rowe, Mystical Thieves, Crossfire, Searching (7:35)
    9. Rosanna's Raiders (Australia) - We Are Raiders, vox-Rosanna Palmer, Serve Someone, Bass-David Palmer, Run the Race (6:05)

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