January 1, 2021

Jack Miffleton -Discography- 1968 - 1978

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2021
Year: 1968

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Gene: Jesus Music Era
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Year: 1970

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Gene: Jesus Music Era
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Year: 1975

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Gene: Jesus Music Era
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Year: 1978

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  1. Thanks KJ, I have this on a CDR but couldn't find it on my hard drive.
    Here's a text file for it:

    Jack Miffleton - With Skins and Steel (World Library WLSM-36-SM) (1968?)

    One of the most wholesome spirited folk outfits to reach these ears, one whose albums have the sixties written all over them. Although the artist name is listed as Jack Miffleton (composer of the songs), this is really a group effort. They do a
    splendid job putting their own unique stamp on the Catholic sound: up-tempo pure folk with a big beat; melancholy acoustic ballads rich in emotion; gently swaying numbers with hypnotic percussion. Participants include singers Skipp Sanders,
    Nancy Barnes and Dennis Cooney, Jack on guitar, plus others on bass, drums, banjo, percussion and additional guitar. The vocalists are all good, their harmonies filled with feeling and creatively expressed, while the instrumental backing remains
    simple yet solid and lively. Back cover describes the songs as “foot-tapping” (‘I’m Ready To Follow’), “quiet ebb and flow” (‘The Wind Blows’), “poignant” (‘Cry Alice’) and “rhythmic” (‘Alle Alle’). An irresistible rocking drumbeat is laid down on ‘I Am The Bread’. Opens with ‘Well, It’s A New Day’, one of Jack’s best known songs. Most of these folks (including Jack) also appear on The Group’s No Time Like The Present which has a more or less identical sound.
    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

    1 Well, It's A New Day 3:00
    2 The Wind Blows 3:10
    3 Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow 3:25
    4 Yours Is The Kingdom 3:05
    5 Cry Alice 2:20
    6 Alleluia Response 1:05
    7 I Am The Good Shepherd 3:25
    8 Alle, Alle 2:30
    9 Lord, I've Come To Your Garden 2:50
    10 I Am The Bread 1:35
    11 Up To Jerusalem 3:30
    12 There Are But Three Things 4:45
    13 It Is My Faith 2:50
    14 But Then Comes The Morning 5:10
    15 I'm Ready To Follow 1:55

    Vocals – Denny Cooney, Nancy Barnes, Skipp Sanders
    Guitar – Jack Miffleton
    Guitar, Banjo – Brad Kamp
    Bass – Louise Anderson
    Drums – Greg Premoshis
    Tambourine, Maracas, Claves – St. Jane Michael


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