January 2, 2021

Randy York - One For The Road (1978)

Gene: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2021


Another backwoods scruffy rocker guy that successfully avoided the sanitized ccm scene The denim jacket; the ripped jeans; the long hair; the bizarre humor - it's easy to picture this guy right alongside Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Randy Matthews and all those other out-in-left- field radicals. We'd heard from York previously as half of the duo Rockwood Brad Nelson (the other half of Rockwood) is part of York's band on Candle Wax, contributing some blistering scratchy lead guitar to tracks like the re-worked Wallace'. Most of side one is raw electric stuff while side two explores acoustic rock evoking Ron Moore's early albums. One For The Road is a collection of solo performances - a mix of before- an-audience and live-in-studio tracks recorded at various high schools, coffeehouses, studios and living rooms. In addition to great music there's some humorous audience talk about such topics as the song 'Convoy' and Christian disco (aka "Crisco"). Other oddities include studio chitchat, 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game' (sung off by one syllable) and the strange heavily-reverbed poetry reading 'The Winter Chill'. Pretty much a classic in my book with the homemade carefree attitude of Norman's Streams Of White Light Weird cover of can of Wheaton Beer: "a pure brew from God's country".

01. Stop Him
02. Resurrection Song
03. Wake Up
04. Diana
05. Your Faith Will Make You Whole
06. Foreign Car Song
07. Maybe Monday Morning
08. A Soft Song For Mary Long
09. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
10. Hello Thomas J.
11. Crisco
12. Man In The Moon
13. The Winter Chill
14. Every Task Every Song



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