August 28, 2015

Charles McPheeters and the Bible Belt Boogie Band - Faces (1979)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015

Here’s some more “gospel kitsch” to file next to your Jim Gill albums. This is the second custom lp by a man known less for his music than for founding the Holy Ghost Repair Service street ministry in Hollywood where he bumped heads with hippie preacher Arthur Blessit. Sadly he passed on in the early ‘80s but not before blessing us with this amalgam of doo-wop, rock n roll, cocktail jazz, mariachi, Perry Como and whatnot, garnished with lovely nasal, falsetto, jive, and Elvis-impersonated vocals. Dig titles like ‘Greasy Truth’ and the hilarious ‘First Church Of The Frigid-Air’. The lounge numbers are my favorites. This guy was definitely gooney but behind the big nose, glasses, and cigar lies a man who clearly loved the Lord. Band help by Mike Johnson, Randy Matthews and Danny Taylor. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

  1.  I Tried To Tell You (2:22)
  2.  Practice What You Preach (2:36)
  3.  Greasy Truth (3:16)
  4.  More Than The Music (2:57)
  5.  We Need Each Other (3:33)
  6.  Ain't Got No Time (3:07)
  7.  Where Is The Love (3:19)
  8.  There Ain't Nobody (2:39)
  9.  No More Tears At Night (3:41)
  10.  First Church of the Frigid-Air (4:36)
  11.  Eagles Fly (4:32)



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