August 28, 2015

Children Of The Day - Come To The Waters (1971)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015

  1. Children of the Day - New Life (4:16)
  2. Children of the Day - As a Child (6:01)
  3. Children of the Day - Children of the Day (2:22)
  4. Children of the Day - The Search (5:27)
  5. Children of the Day - Two Hands (3:58)
  6. Children of the Day - Jesus Lives (3:58)
  7. Children of the Day - All Breathing Life (2:15)
  8. Children of the Day - Jesus (2:15)
  9. Children of the Day - For Those Tears I Died (5:13)


  1. KJ, thanks for this. I have this LP and like it enough to keep. I especially like the more uptempo track #6.

    Here's a text file for it:

    CHILDREN OF THE DAY - Come To The Waters
    (Maranatha HS 777/2) 1971 MP3@192

    Reissued on Light Records ‎– LS-5713 in 1976

    Children Of The Day are definitely up there near the top as my favorite American folk-rock group. It’s no wonder the Maranatha folks selected them for the first full-length debut on their fledgling label. Going beyond just the guitar and vocal
    harmonies that often characterized early Jesus music, this guy/gal foursome
    (Peter Jacobs, Marsha Carter/Stevens, Wendy Carter, Russ Stevens) successfully weaved in such instruments as piano, harpsichord, woodwinds and strings and made it all work without sounding syrupy. The song-writing is exceptional,
    the arrangements unique and the harmonizing immaculate. Never humdrum, with lots of variety, from stirring ballads (‘Jesus’) to up-tempo folk-rock (‘Children Of The Day’, ‘Jesus Lives’) to four-part Bach (‘All Breathing Life’). The slower songs are intensely moving, including the climactic ‘The Search’, the somber ballad ‘As
    A Child’ and the joyful opener ‘New Life’. Mostly original material, plus a cover of Love Song’s ‘Two Hands’. And of course there’s Marsha’s ‘For Those Tears I Died’ which has become a classic “golden oldie” of the Jesus movement. A great
    beginning for a great band.
    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

    01 New Life Written-By – P. Jacobs 4:16
    02 As A Child Written-By – P. Jacobs, W. Carter 6:01
    03 Children Of The Day Written-By – M. Carter, P. Jacobs 2:22
    04 The Search Written-By – M. Carter, P. Jacobs 5:27
    05 Two Hands Written-By – C. Butler, T. Coomes 3:58
    06 Jesus Lives Written-By – B. Greene 3:58
    07 All Breathing Life Written-By – J. S. Bach 2:15
    08 Jesus Written-By – P. Jacobs 2:15
    09 For Those Tears I Died Written-By – M. Carter 5:13

    Vocals - Pete Jacobs, Marsha Carter, Wendy Carter and Russ Stevens

    Bill Keene - Guitar
    Frank Chavez - drums
    Larry Oppenheim - (bass?)

    Linda Conner - Flute
    John Mehler - Drums

  2. All Children of the Day have been re-released on cd. ebay seller. $7 per cd plus shipping. Everybody may know this. I love this sight. come here often to see what new groups I've never heard of are posted. Thanks!


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