February 29, 2016

Demon Hunter - One Thousand Apologies(amiga cover track)

Ok...  This is an .IT Impulse Tracker file converted to FLAC then to .MP3

Now if you don't know what an .IT, .MOD, .S3M files are. Then let me tell you..They are like MIDI but better.. Using real samples like a guitar or piano or vocals or whatever ..

Module files (MOD music, tracker music) are a family of music file formats originating from the MOD file format on Amiga systems used in the late 1980s. Those who produce these files (using the software called trackers) and listen to them, form the worldwide MOD scene, a part of the demoscene subculture. Module files are often chiptunes.
The mass interchange of "MOD music" or "tracker music" (music stored in module files created with trackers) evolves from early FIDO networks. Many websites host large numbers of these files, the most comprehensive of them being the Mod Archive.
Nowadays most module files, including ones in zipped form, are supported by most popular media players such as Winamp, VLC, Foobar2000, Amarok, Exaile and many others (mainly due to inclusion of common playback libraries such as libmodplug for gstreamer).


I came across an Demon Hunter cover track by PIP MALT. First one of this kind i have seen.. Wow.. it is Awesome.. IMOP..  No vocals.. PIP Malt did an great job.. 

Org. Format: .IT(impulse tracker)
Channels: 15
Year: 2008

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