February 11, 2016

Renaissance - Never have to run (1983, Morada)

Genre: 80s Christian Rock
Password: BKM2016

Note: I found way too many bands with this name..Not to be confused with 70s Jesus Music Era group of same name.. This band is from Morada records..Same label that Messiah Prophet was on.. 


1. Scenes
  2. Preacher man
  3. Our own way
  4. Life
  5. Alright by me
  6. Lonely people
  7. Games
  8. Just passin' thru
  9. blues
10. Live for Him



  1. Muito muito obrigada !!!

  2. Muito obrigado meu irmão !!! Juli é minha esposa e minha prima, sua mãe era irmã da minha mãe! Juli não gosta de rock e quando casamos ela chamou o Pastor e disse que eu não era crente, pois escutava musica do diabo. Rs Rs ( Smile ) todos os meus amigos foram embora. Hoje esta mais "suave" mas ainda é complicado !!! Thank you my brother !!! Juli is my wife and my cousin, her mother was my mother's sister! Juli doesn't like rock and when we got married she called the Pastor and said that I wasn't a believer, because I listened to the devil's music. Laughter (Smile) all my friends left. Today it's "softer" but it's still complicated!!!


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