October 25, 2015

Zion - Joyful Noiz (1984)

I have no info on this band.Other than they are from Oregon,USA..

Christian Rock
PW: BKM2015

1. Zion - New Creation (1:36)
2. Zion - Joyful Noise (4:12)
3. Zion - Dragon Slayer (3:55)
4. Zion - Hold Tight (5:28)
5. Zion - It Is Finished (7:15)
6. Zion - Matter Of Time (4:22)
7. Zion - Carry On (4:19)
8. Zion - Joy Of The Lord (6:38)
9. Zion - On That Day (4:36)



  1. Not sure if this release has all the same members as their 1987 Cry Out album. I have both albums and it is my guess they are the same. They also had another release I think it was 1981 or 82 title Eternal Horizons. Have not found this album yet. I do have 1987 Cry Out if you like a copy.
    The band is from Jacksonville Oregon
    Lynda Holt Morrison Lead Vocals
    Jeff Bates guitar, keyboards and vocals
    Larry Wick Bass, guitar, and vocals
    John Scott Armas drums and percussion.

    1. YES, we'd like Cry Out if you can post it!

  2. Thanks for all the great music brother!

  3. Hi Guys,
    Cory Graper - Bass & backing vocals on Eternal Horizons and Joyful Noise.
    Cory,Dave & Jeff were founding the members.

  4. If any still interested let me know. I forgot all about this post lol

  5. I would still be interested in getting Eternal Horizons.


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