October 25, 2015

Stryper – Peters Brothers Interview (1987)

PW: BKM2015


Here’s an tape i did awhile back..

Not a Stryper release, per se, but an interesting piece of Stryper history. The Peters Brothers conducted several interviews throughout the 80′s with Christian rock bands in an attempt to determine whether those bands were truly serving the Lord or not. This tape contains interviews with Robert Sweet, Robert & Michael’s parents, as well as the unofficial 5th member of the band, the keyboardist who had toured with them (also the man who led the Sweet boys to Christ). Ultimately, the Peters Brothers determine (based on their 4 core criteria) that Stryper is indeed working for the Lord & doing a good work. Lots of clips of Stryper songs, and some interesting points made.

Track List:
Side one
Side Two



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