October 24, 2015

The Click Kids - ...Are Coming(1970) / God in a Garage (1971)

Gene: Christian Rock / Folk / Garage
Password for all: BKM2015
Bitrate: 128k best found at moment

1A) We're Happy Christians 2:37
2A) Fugitive From God 3:07
3A) Heaven 3:14
4A) King Jesus 2:13
5A) Crying in the Garden 2:27
1B) Run Samson Run 2:44
2B) There's Been a Lot of Changes 2:35
3B) More Like Jesus 2:45
4B) One by One 2:20
5B) Gospel Train 2:00


This is a Comp. VA album
Track listing

    A1 Delai Alamos - El grito de los King
    A2 The Click Kids - Happy Christians
    A3 The Click Kids - Fugitive From God
    A4 The Click Kids - King Jesus
    A5 The Click Kids - Crying in the Garden
    A6 The Click Kids - Run Samson Run
    A7 The Click Kids - Been a Lot of Changes
    A8 The Click Kids - One by One
    A9 The Click Kids - Gospel Train
    B1 Coro Colegio Javier - Canto de entrada (Entrance Hymn)
    B2 Coro Colegio Javier - Gloria (Glory to God)
    B3 Coro Colegio Javier - Canto de ofrenda (Ofertory Hymn)
    B4 Coro Colegio Javier - Santo (Holy, Holy, Holy)
    B5 Coro Colegio Javier - Cordero de Dios (Lamb of God)
    B6 Coro Colegio Javier - Canto de comuniĆ³n (Comunion Hymn)
    B7 Coro Colegio Javier - Aleluia
    B8 The Click Kids - More Like Jesus
    B9 Delai Alamos - Ritmo del go-go



  1. Wow, this is a really great collection of Christian classics! Thank you, KJ! God bless!


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