June 9, 2015

Brother Brian - Except Like A Child (1977)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015

While most musical priests seem to favor the simple folk style, Brother Brian Youngward chose more of a pastoral soft rock direction. Most of the songs on this North Hollywood, California private press are mellow, some with a 3/4-time country gospel-piano mindset. Other instruments include guitar, electric piano, synth strings, flute, cello and drums. Unlike a lot of the robed ones he’s actually got the kind of voice that’s well suited to the style. A couple tracks of a more progressive nature stand out among the rest. ‘Touch Me Not’ is a good percussion-embellished 12-string anthem, while ‘There Are Saints’ features some excellent lead electric guitar, briskly running along with the feel of early Caravan both musically and vocally. Also a nice soft jazz touch to the closing song ‘Evening’. Brother Brian is a member of The Order of The Holy Cross, a monastic order in the worldwide Anglican community. (Ken Scott - Archivist)

  1. Brother Brian - Hold My Hand (2:31)
  2. Brother Brian - Except Like A Child (3:55)
  3. Brother Brian - Good Morning Jesus (3:12)
  4. Brother Brian - Touch Me Not (2:45)
  5. Brother Brian - I Heard The Voice Of Jesus (2:22)
  6. Brother Brian - Walk With Your Brother (2:57)
  7. Brother Brian - Around The Throne (4:07)
  8. Brother Brian - There Are Saints (3:20)
  9. Brother Brian - Come My Friend (3:05)
  10. Brother Brian - Evening (3:19)


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