June 9, 2015

Brothers - It's So Nice (1978)

Genre: 70s Jesus Music Era
Password: 2015
Some of the most inspired ‘70s singer/songwriter sounds I’ve heard featuring the duo of Michael Schneider and James Kramer. Both gents handle multiple instruments: Michael on piano, clavinet, mini-moog, mellotron, fender rhodes and flute; James on electric and acoustic guitars, pedal steel, fender bass, trumpets and percussion. The keyboards and melodic songwriting can sometimes bring a suggestion of Carole King on tracks like ‘Son Of God, Son Of Man’ and ‘Forever Lord’. Some of their best moments come though pop-edged numbers like the catchy lilting title track. Occasional similarities to other melodic male twosomes like Sonrise, Stewart & Kyle and Christian Stephens. ‘Synthetic Generation’ has decent guitar coupled with a silky wah-wah groove. And for those of you that require edgier rock statements, ‘Glory Suite’ and ‘Psalm 19’ both have velvety ethereal moods with electric guitar that could easily earn a “psych” descriptor. Same for the closing six-minute ‘Micah 5:2/Fulfillment’ which features some excellent progressive art-rock dynamics. I really like this record! On the famous Century custom label.  (Ken Scott - Archivist)

  1. Brothers - Son Of God Son Of Man (3:13)
  2. Brothers - Synthetic Generation (3:02)
  3. Brothers - Forever Lord (3:11)
  4. Brothers - It's So Nice (3:05)
  5. Brothers - Glory Suite (4:35)
  6. Brothers - Psalm 19 (4:09)
  7. Brothers - Signs (3:20)
  8. Brothers - The Triumph (3:28)
  9. Brothers - Micah 5;2 & Fulfillment (6:04)


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