June 16, 2015

Manufraqture - No Rest for the Wicked (2005)

Genre: Christian Industrial / Metal
Password: 2015
ManufraQture is an industrial band from Chicago, Illinois.
It currently consists of:
TranQ (vocals, programming)
JaQ (bass)
Matt (lead/rhythm guitar)
Chad (rhythm guitar)
Qannon (drums)

Hailing from the south suburbs of Chicago, ManufraQ’ture brings an audiovisual assault whilst exploring and testing the confines of their “genre”, breeding a new form of the industrial/metal hybrid. 

01. I Become
02. Ready To Face
03. From The Ashes
04. Masquerade Ball
05. Sledgehammer
06. Am I Crazy
07. Nightmare
08. Cellophane
09. Purge
10. Die Tonight
11. Fabriqate
12. Perseverance
13. Ready to Face (Aggressive Trance Mix)
14. Ready to Face (Violent Machine Mix)
15. Nightmare (Acoutic Version)
16. (Unknown)



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