April 13, 2013

20/20 Blind – Never Far (1994)

20/20 Blind was an awesome Christian band of Hard Rock, showing in his only album the entire category of a band that had a lot to show.
It’s worth checking out.
Country: United States
Style: Hard Rock
Year: 1994
Wallace B. Chase – lead vocals
Doug Middleton – guitars, backing vocals
Mike Mcneely – guitars, backing vocals
Schon Alkire – bass, backing vocals
Chris Laurents – drums, backing vocals
Phil Beck – keyboards, backing vocals
Charles Powell – backing vocals
Track List
01. Wash
02. Soul Song
03. Love Keeps Me Reaching
04. I Am Blind
05. Do I
06. Easier Way
07. Never Far
08. Show Each Other Love
09. Only Hope
10. Sleepyland
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