April 13, 2013

Jerry Jordan – Phone Call from God (1975)

Artist: Jerry Jordan
Album: Phone Call from God
Release Date: 1975
Style: Christian Comedy
This is an full album from record..
1. Jerry Jordan – Phone Call From God (14:05)
2. Jerry Jordan – No Hand to Dismiss (1:17)
3. Jerry Jordan – It All Depends (1:09)
4. Jerry Jordan – The Hog Story (2:31)
5. Jerry Jordan – Overdrawn at the Bank (2:00)
6. Jerry Jordan – Prejudiced People (1:22)
7. Jerry Jordan – Air-Conditioned Cars (3:11)
8. Jerry Jordan – Tell Me the Story (3:15)


  1. This is an excellent comedy routine. Jerry and his brother and their wives toured churches in the 70's. Great music. I want to get ahold of a copy of their songs such as: More About Jesus, Put Your Hand, etc. He also did a routine with the CB radio later on. Does anyone know how to get copies of these or buy the DVDs?


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