April 13, 2013

Stryken – First Strike 1987/2009 Reissue

Dale Streiker – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Stephen Streiker – Vocal. Guitar and Keyboards
Joey Knight – Drums and Percussion
Ezekiel Vade – Bass
This album is a re-issue colaboration between Girder Music Greg Hays and Retroactive Records Matt Hunt. This Re-Issue features the never before released Demo Material from Stryken when they went by the name of STRYKER.
01    Crush the Head of Satan
02    One Way
03    The Answer
04    State of Emergency
05    First Strike
06    Rock On
07    The Young Men Have a Vision
08    Riot
09    Surprise
10    BLITZKRIEG – Stryker / Demo
11    Look Away
12    I’m Alright
13    Need Your Love
14    Circus Man
15    Right of Way
16    Cross the Line
17    Played
18    It’s Over
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