August 20, 2016

C.I.A – EP (6 Tracks,1983)

Password: BKM2016
Genre: Christian Rock Pop

Track List
01.Your Eyes
02.Reaching Out
03.I Don’t Choose The World
04.I Want To Dance
05.Don’t Turn Away
06.In God We Trust

DOWNLOAD HERE(new link 8-20-16)


  1. Geat ALbum! Great Band!

  2. This is an awesome record! LOVE the healthy amounts of keyboards/synths! Who are these guys? Who were the band members, who played what instruments, and where was the band from?

  3. Dave Eckermann5/1/18, 7:48 PM

    I wish they would have made more songs. They're music style reminds me of "A Flock of Seagulls."

    1. I haven't been able to get it to download. I remember this band from when I was a kid. How can I listen to the download?

  4. Thank you!! I've been trying to get ahold of this for almost 20 years!! I just might cry listening to it to be honest!! Keep the Kingdom Rising and live to make Jesus our Yeshua famous!!


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