August 15, 2016

His - Forever Together (1974)

Genre: Jesus Music Era
Password: BKM2016

he soft pastoral rock sounds of this five-man Wisconsin band reflect much of the same spirit as the cherished Horizon lp from Florida. The music coasts along in a wholesome electric format supported by airy background harmonies and melodic piano accompaniment. Bill Eisner heads up the group, providing all the songwriting as well as acoustic guitar, organ and most of the lead vocals. The rest of the guys contribute piano, synthesizer, electric guitar, bass and drums. Forever Together has a certain authenticity about it, refreshingly lacking any Arp-string MOR emulsifiers that sometimes crop up on lesser country rock acts. I dig the whole album, but three tracks in particular stood out to me: the near 7-minute ‘Why Don’t The People Understand’, the rural ballad ‘Look To Calvary’ with its simple deep wistful guitar lead, and the closing song ‘A Child Grew Up’ which has a nice psych-edged vibe. (Ken Scott - Archivist)

  1. His - Let The Son Shine (4:30)
  2. His - A Prayer In Search (3:55)
  3. His - If You're His (3:15)
  4. His - Prayer Of St. Francis Of Assisi (2:40)
  5. His - Let's Spend Forever Together (5:00)
  6. His - Keep In Touch (3:13)
  7. His - Why Don't The People Understand (6:49)
  8. His - Together We Will Walk With The Lord (3:20)
  9. His - Look To Calvary (3:55)
  10. His - A Child Grew Up (3:00)


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